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Engagement Party Invitation

If you’re throwing an engagement party you need to let people know right?

On this invite you should include the date, time and location. If there is a dress code pop a note regarding this on here too.

Save The Date

Not always necessary but if you have guests travelling from abroad or people that may need longer to prepare it’s good to give them an early heads up. Letting them know earlier means flights can be booked, pet care can be sorted and work can be notified. 6-8 months in advance is the usual time scale but if you have the date and the venue sorted send them ASAP. A lot of people love to plan ahead and more of your guests will attend if they know the date promptly.

Hen / Stag Parties!

Hopefully you are not worrying about this. Normally your elected folk will be organising these. If this isn’t for you, sack off tradition and throw a joint party!

Invitation Cards

These babies come in all shapes and sizes, your stationer will talk you through options. Wording can be formal, informal, names can be in whatever order you like…your day your way. Traditions do not have to be adhered to and words can be just as creative as the design of your stationery. As a general rule you do need to include your names, date, time and location.

Reception Cards

Good to include if you’re heading off to another venue for the after party!

Directions / Map

I’m a big fan of a map, not just because they look cute and I love drawing them, they are pretty useful! Adding extra notes about your venue/s is a wise idea, is there a long track people need to drive down? Does the sat nav take you somewhere completely off piste? Do you need to turn down the road with the field of sheep on the left? You don’t want a phone call from Grandma saying she’s lost on the morning of your wedding.


‘répondez s'il vous plaît’

French for ‘please respond’ hands up if you knew that already?! Always include a reply by date ideally 3-6 weeks before your wedding day. This gives you time to arrange a seating plan, let your caterers know food choices and dip into the reserved guest list if some people can’t make it! Check boxes for your guests to accept or decline are good option. Think of the notes you used to send people at school…”will you be my boy / girl / best friend? Proceeded by a yes and no boxes for them to tick! I like the idea of using RSVP’s to gather as much information as you can. If you’re asking your guests to select a food option now is a good time for them to let you know what they want to eat and if they have any dietary requirements.

Wedding Here Detail Cards

It’s a nice touch to include some local hotel and taxi recommendations. If you’re not from the area, venues often have lists of people and places they can suggest. A note on gifts. Please remember it is ok to ask for a contribution to a honeymoon/house renovation/campervan! Any other info should be popped on these cards too. Is it a cash only bar? Stilettos can’t be worn due to soft floor!


Signage / Banners


A nice touch as your guests enter your venue. Your names, the date of the wedding and maybe a quote or some song lyrics is a cute way of personalising.


These are sooooo cool! Plus a perfect sustainable option. Take home after and display in your house as a momento of your day.

Parking / Toilets / Bar/ Cake

You can literally go over board with signage. Only use where it is really needed. If the venue is a bare barn then go for it but if things are clearly visible and already sign posted don’t go crazy and add more!

Signage that showcases your cake flavours are popular and can

be a nice addition to your cake table.

Order of the day

A large sign or a booklet is a nice way of letting your guests know the structure of the day.

I offer an on the day live writing and drawing of this, which is a nice thing to have you guests enter the room to before the ceremony. Message me for more details on this service.

Table plan

If you’re having a sit down meal let your guests know where they will be sitting. Let your imagination run wild with the design and styling with this. Your stationer will be brimming with ideas on how to make this an awesome focal point. Place cards I love a place name card! These can be in so many different formats. Speak to your stationer for inspo, and don’t forget these are a great way to tie your stationery in with your on the day styling. Table names / numbers Get creative…dates, memories, holiday destinations or names of your fave cheeses…it’s all about you!


If people have already chosen their food then these aren’t necessarily needed, however they are nice to include as part of your table decor.


One of those things that seems to go in and out of fashion. How about combining your place names with favours? I offer mini art prints that double up as place cards so your guests can take them home, frame them or pop them on the fridge.


Thank you cards

Not just for guest who you received gifts from, remember all the suppliers that have helped make your day what it was…a little thank you goes a long way.

FINALLY Enjoy the planning, remember it’s all about you and don’t let tradition rule your day!


I Like Pens Studio Stationery Checklist
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